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Made In
United States
of America

Fifth Room Outdoor

About Us

  Colvin Enterprises Office: (502) 633-9061 / Cell: (502) 321-5246  
  Best Quality, Best Value, Best Service and Workmanship  


Built-Rite Express LLC Storage Buildings are available in various sizes and styles.

We also offer many options to customize your building.  All exposed wood is treated to resist termites and decay. 

We use professional quality paints and finishes to protect your building for years. Circulation vents are included on both ends of the building to improve air movement.

We use galvanized ring shank nails that hold like screws and are rust-resistant. Our builders are well trained and we have a stringent inspection system to insure quality in every step of the building process.

We stand behind our product quality with a 6-Year Limited Warranty on Workmanship.

Using the old fashioned, country tradition of barn building, we at Built Rite Express create quality storage buildings and gazebos for many happy customers. 

Are you tired of your garage being used for storage? Put your car back where it belongs in your garage with a Built Rite Express building. 

We use the same traditional construction techniques and philosophies handed down from generation to generation among the many Mennonite communities in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. 

The kind of quality, care and attention to detail that we put into each and every one of our building is rarely seen on such a consistent basis in the storage building industry, but we don’t stop there. Our overriding philosophy of quality can be seen in our company’s culture every day. 

Built Rite Expressbuildings are built to your needs whether it is for a major storage facility or just a place to put your tools and your lawn mower. 

A Built Rite Express building just for you, there are many styles to choose from your Built Rite Express building can be painted or treated lumber your choice.

Amish and non-Amish working together. While not all of our employees are dressed in traditional Amish attire, most come from Amish roots or have a similar background. Our whole team is committed to providing the old fashion quality, attention to detail, and hard working mentality that Amish craftsmanship is known for.

Built Rite Expressbuildings come with mental or shingle roof your choice your purchase can be placed on your property in no time, and 36 & 48 months’ rent to own with no credit check. 

Simply fill out your paperwork and make your first months payment and a small deposit, it's that easy. 

Don't let your car sit outside another minute; take back your garage today with a call to Built-Rite Express.                                                         

Colvin Enterprises Office:(502) 633-9061
                                Cell: (502) 321-5246


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Credit/Debit Cards

Jerry Colvin Official Dealer
for Builtrite Express
(502) 633-9061
(502) 321-5246



1st Month Rent
Security Deposit

08' Wide 1st Month Rent
$0.00 Security Deposit

10' Wide 1st Month Rent
$0.00 Security Deposit

12' Wide 1st Month Rent
$0.00 Security Deposit

14' Wide 1st Month Rent
$750 Security Deposit

16' Wide 1st Month Rent
$1,000 Security Deposit









9am/9pm 7days

(502) 321-5246

(502) 633-9061


Fifth Room Outdoor

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